Sahelia Solar

Burkina Faso


Investment Amount (USD millions)



Business type

Project IRR (%)


Installed capacity (MW)


GHG mitigation impact (tonnes of CO2e/year)


Technology Area

Solar energy

Sahelia Solar is a Burkina Faso based solar engineering company with the objective to make access to clean and affordable energy a reality in West Africa. They develop community solar energy platforms (CSP) and mini-grids to provide modern electricity services to more than 100 villages in Burkina Faso. The project has been designed to bring significant improvements over the government’s existing Multi-Functional Platform (MFP) programme, which is related to high maintenance requirements, costs, and logistics of fuel supply of diesel engines at existing MFPs.

The community solar energy platforms’ preliminary design integrates ~15 kWp of photovoltaic capacity, ~60 kWh of storage capacity, electrical agro-processing equipment, and a mini-grid that should enable connection for approximately 10 micro-businesses and 25 households. In addition, the energy and equipment will be made available for use by community members, households and micro businesses on a pay-as-you-go basis with mobile payments.

*This closure will be officially reported in 2021 data