Pakistan Private Sector Energy Project

In 2021, PFAN achieved a major milestone with  the launch of the Pakistan Private Sector Energy Project (PPSE). The project focuses on expanding the portfolio of commercially-viable clean energy projects in Pakistan and providing support to enable them to access financing and reach financial close.

Despite launching in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the project has steadily been gaining traction and has already developed a pipeline of 19 projects with a total aggregate investment ask of USD 220 million.

With dedicated team members and advisors from across Pakistan and the world, PPSE is bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to transaction and financial advisory services in Pakistan.

Since PPSE’s launch in February 2021, PPSE not only hired its dynamic team but also managed to make steady strides in its project origination and bridge the gap between clean energy companies and investors.





The Pakistan Private Sector Energy Project is proudly funded and supported by USAID, a premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results

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PFAN's Pilot SME Accelerator - Launched the first time in Pakistan

Spotlight: PPSE Projects in the Pipeline


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$425,000 USD Ask

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Waste Management

“What stands out with PFAN PPSE is the quality of the advisors who really understand the market and sector I am in and can tangibly provide guidance beyond a feasibility study for a bank. My advisor and the program has been able to help me align Ouroborus much more effectively.”

Ali Syed Raza, Founder

TransAtlantic Energy Private Limited

TransAtlantic Energy Private Limited
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$10,000,000 USD Ask

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“PFAN has a strong local and international network who understand finance well. As we are a more mature company, our reason to join PFAN was access to finance and as we are coming close to stage 3 of our PFAN journey, we look forward to meeting more investors and reaching financial close”.

Waqas Anwer Qureshi, CEO

Strategic Partnerships signed in 2021

JS Bank

JS Bank Limited is a leading Pakistani commercial bank and a prominent majority-owned subsidiary of JS Group. PPSE project has partnered with JS Bank to bolster its outreach to financial institutions in the country, garner investment knowledge and opportunities for clean energy companies in its pipeline.

Sindh Enterprise Development Fund

Government of Sindh launched the Sindh Enterprise Development Fund (SEDF) to facilitate efficient production, processing, and market linkages in agriculture to build efficiency. Part of that mandate is promoting clean energy in the agri-sector and PPSE has joined hands with SEDF to support SMEs working towards greening agriculture in the province.

Sindh Energy Department

The department is responsible for prospective planning, policy formulation, and conservation strategies for the province’s energy and is looking to increase its clean energy mix. In order to help the department with these goals, PPSE has signed an agreement with SED.

Meet our Network in Pakistan

A key pillar of project origination and induction to the pipeline is having a robust base of local advisors trained on PFAN methodology. In 2021, PPSE brought 14 advisors on board with diverse financial and banking backgrounds in energy, three of whom are women, despite the lack of women in business and finance in the country due to systemic barriers in a male-dominated field.

Advisor Spotlight

PPSE Advisor - Omar Qasmi

Omar Qasmi has 15 years of experience in the energy sector across operational, consulting and project management roles. He has helped in building and managing eight renewable energy power projects with a combined value of USD 500 million in Pakistan, where he with his team also supported end-users to integrate sustainable energy solutions into their livelihood. His portfolio includes power, manufacturing, insurance, renewables and steel sectors.

Omar is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Bradford, UK and has worked on renewable energies at a micro-level and is well-versed in electricity projects and national regulations. He is an energy auditor and was part of the Training of Trainers programme carried out by the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

Omar is currently advising TransAtlantic Energy Private Limited.


PFAN SME Accelerator Advisor - Hira Wajahat Malik

Hira leads the projects and programs at Stimulus with a focus clean-tech and innovation. She serves as a facilitator to create social and climate impact and is involved in the implementation of various impact focused entrepreneurial programs in Pakistan and internationally. Hira is also involved as a consultant with different organizations / industries with a focus on sustainability.

What’s your role with PFAN PPSE?

Hira: PFAN PPSE is implementing an SME Accelerator, which is being delivered by the Network for Global Innovation (NGIN). My role is to support NGIN as Pakistan National Expert, by sharing critical insights into the local innovation ecosystem and support the delivery of the program through coaching / mentoring of teams.

How does the PPSE Accelerator differ from others and what unique selling points does it have?

The PPSE Accelerator is unique in its focus on clean technology, particularly energy and associated themes of mobility, circular economy and energy efficiency. There is no other accelerator of this nature running in Pakistan.

How is the PPSE Accelerator helping early stage companies?

A lot of early stage companies struggle as they do not get focused support and insights relevant to their start-up in terms of guidance and knowledge that will help them to scale and grow. The PPSE took a converse approach by spending time in understanding the challenges of the companies specifically and then delivering the relevant coaching / Masterclasses as opposed to pushing a pre-defined program. The flexibility of the program and adapting to the circumstances of the companies is really adding value. Further, a lot of companies were doing well at the local level but they are also getting insights and preparation on how to benchmark themselves on international arena.

PPSE Events and Updates

Launch of the Pakistan Private Sector Energy Project

In partnership with the United States Government, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) the Pakistan Private Sector Energy Project was officially launched on 3 February during a virtual event which brought together key stakeholders from the private and public sector. The Private Financing Advisory Network is playing an integral part in this project by expanding the portfolio of commercially-viable small and medium-scale clean energy projects and providing support to enable them to access financing and reach financial close.

Pakistan E-Mobility Forum Discusses Opportunities and Challenges for Electric Vehicles

E-mobility is a focus area for the PPSE project and aims to support EV scale up in the country. To this effect, an e-mobility forum took place on 26th August 2021. The webinar brought together several stakeholders and discussed how electric vehicles can be captured as an economic and environmental opportunity. This webinar also discussed the potential provided by the government’s updated EV policy as well as the bottlenecks due to the reality on-ground.

PFAN Launches its Flagship Accelerator in Pakistan

To amplify and support early-stage green-companies at the Small Medium Enterprise (SME), PPSE launched PFAN’s first ever accelerator program in Pakistan. The accelerator program is delivered by the Network for Global Innovation (NGIN), an international organization with experience and demonstrated success supporting thousands of clean energy entrepreneurs in over 22 countries, including Pakistan.

Spotlight on Sindh: Opportunities for Clean Energy SMEs

PPSE organized a webinar with the Sindh Enterprise Development Fund on 30th September 2021 to discuss investment and financial opportunities to boost private sector investment in clean energy in Sindh.
The session covered opportunities and challenges for clean energy deployment and financing solutions, particularly targeting agricultural value chains in biomass, biogas, solar and wind energy, with key private & public stakeholders in the southern province.

Multistakeholder Workshop on Biogas

PPSE’s roundtable discussion on 16th December 2021 brought together diverse perspectives from the biogas sector: from academia, industry, small-scale farmers, government, development sector and financial institutions. While Pakistan has immense potential to scale up biogas owing to its vast agricultural sector and under-utilised capacity in rural lands, biogas is yet to proliferate like other renewable resources such as solar and wind on a mass scale. To address the technical and practical lacunas in the biogas sector, a whitepaper will be formulated from the learnings of this discussion and be widely disseminated to multiple stakeholders.

PFAN PPSE at Dubai Expo 2021

Peter Storey, Global Coordinator at PFAN, delivered a presentation at the Dubai Expo sharing about the PFAN and PPSE project’s clean energy projects globally, intervention in Pakistan and demonstrated success being applied to help the country’s clean energy transition.

In that vein, the Government of Sindh’s Energy Department signed an agreement with PPSE to crystalize private-public commitment to a greener future. The signatories were Peter Story, Acting Chief of Party PPSE and Imtiaz Shah, Director of Alternate Energy, Sindh.

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