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Registered in 2017, Ouroboros Waste Management Private Limited aims to bring an energy efficient solution to Pakistan’s used PET bottle market which is a cottage industry that relies heavily on informal scavenging.

Ouroboros is an impact driven venture committed to change the lives of people working in the informal waste sector and improving the country’s waste management by introducing circular economy and hybrid business models. They are working to re-structure supply chains to have ‘equitable distribution of gains’, i.e. material circularity and ‘sustainable livelihood’ for a zero waste on waste collection/plastic recycling that works as a scalable and transferrable model in emerging markets.

They provide end-to-end waste management services helping partners and clients develop responsible and sustainable solutions addressing present day solid waste disposal and recycling challenges. As a significant reduction in GHG emissions as the majority of MSW is openly dumped and burned, by increasing collection of MSW and disposing of in designated zones, Ouroborus has also reduced the opportunity of it being burned and polluting water with heavy metals and poisonous gases, mitigating 42000 tonnes of CO2 emissions thus far.

“What stands out with PFAN PPSE is the quality of the advisors who really understand the market and sector I am in and can tangibly provide guidance beyond a feasibility study for a bank. My advisor and the program has been able to help me align Ouroborus much more effectively.” - Ali Syed Raza, Founder.

- Ali Syed Raza
Founder of Ouroboros