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Cauchos Renovables SA (CARESA) is a Panamanian company that began operations in 2015 and seeks to reduce the amount of waste tires and to generate a positive impact on the environment and the health of the Panamanian population. Seeing the opportunity to turn the problem into a green business one, the company seeks to expand its collection capacity and include new cutting-edge technologies for the disintegration of used tires for the production of TDF.

CARESA collects, recycles and reuses waste tires by converting them to their primary state, so that they can be reinserted into international production lines. Annualy, they collect and recycle 2,400 tons on annual basis which represents ~ 6% of the market. They are a 100% recyclable company without any type of persistent polluting emissions, thus complying with the Basel and Stockholm agreements, by “using the best option of the industrial process with zero emissions”.

CARESA is the first processing company of recycled rubber granules and powders, steel and textiles (nylon and polyester ) in Panama, and one of the first in Central America, with enough industrial capacity to positively and notably impact the environment.