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Bakas Renewable Energy is the first company to produce biomass pellets on an industrial scale in Nepal. The raw materials they use for the pellets are forest floor undergrowth from a plantation site, agricultural biomass, sugarcane bagasse, saw dust and wood waste from neighboring saw mills. They process these raw materials through sund drying, chipping, crushing, pelleting and packing, then distribute them – the pellets are in high demand and are ideal for brick and cement kilns, industrial boilers, large kitchens, household cooking and heating and high-altitude trekkers.

Furthermore, the removal of forest floor biomass helps to substantially reduce forest fire vulnerability and save an estimated US$ 100,000 annually. The company has signed a 20-year concession agreement with the Sagarnath Forestry Development Project has for the collection of 30,000MT equivalent of biomass annually from the forest floor, and they will begin producing pellets within the next 12 months. 

This project is highly relevant to Nepal. It helps emission reduction caused by forest fires, reduces industrial use of coal and fossil fuels as well as provides employment to the poor and vulnerable people living in neighborhoods of the forest area.

- Santosh Mani Nepal,
Chairman of Bakas